Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How to Earn Money using Blogger with Adsense

Earn Money using Blogger with Google Adsense

              First of all , Lets make one thing clear....Whether to have own domain or None is your choice, But if you choose to Buy a domain, you will have unique name on Internet that will give you more traffic or view on your website. 

And if you choose to use ONLY Blogger's domain then it totally FREE. 

TIPS:   Popularity lies with originality. 

Any Website requires website builder to build something and blogger provides best editing platform to build desirable web contents based one Themes, Template, Layout etc. 
An Armature can also create and develop a website with blogger components.

Basic steps toward Earning:
  • Create Blogger's account using your Google+ Account (Recommended)
  • On the right pannel you will see many components To Build Website.
  • Use Bloggers Default Settings like Template, Themes, Layouts etc
  • Create a New Blog with Many Text Content and Less Images (max 2)
  • Make Unique Blog Considering things Based on Peoples Expectations, Desire,  Entertaining things. Popular contents etc.

Tips:  Where Peoples Interest lie is the key toward success in online earning process.

Lets Come to main Concept About Earning with Google Adsense.

  • Make sure you have posted more than 15 meaningful, self-written blogs.
  • Make sure your Website have Privacy policy Page, contact us Page, About Us Page
  • Do not use other websites images and contents for your website
  • Apply for google adsense account with blogger account in right Earning Panel of Blogger user Panel
  • Advertising on your website is the best and FIRST way to earn money.
  • And Advertising of different of online shopping ad on your website is next step to earn money


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