Tuesday, 29 August 2017

How to use Free Cloud Database

Free Cloud Database

            In the Line of Work, We require a device, storage ,something that is invisible, efficient, reliable, accessible from anywhere. One thing that can help you is Cloud storage.

Cloud Storage :

          Cloud Storage is a service in which data is handled, maintained, managed, backed up remotely and made accessible to users over internet.
          Cloud Also provide Security. all essential security methods likes encryption, authentication etc are inbuilt in cloud storage.

There are Two Companies That Gave us such a high end services Freely in Free Tier services

  •  Google Cloud Services
  •  Amazon Web Services

       Both Service Provider give better Cloud security

Google Cloud Services

             If i start talking about Google cloud services it will be limitless talk. so lets jump on to the main and specific topic of google cloud database.There are many different service and method to analyse our database in Google cloud services. Google Cloud Service create Cloud SQL Instance that can be accessible from anywhere with proper credential.

             Google Cloud service Provide Cloud SQL in the Database Category

Amazon Web Services
             Amazon Web Services also provides s wast n numbers of facilities. So lets jump to Amazon Clod services. Basically Amazon AWS categories all services based on their function and with there common factor.Amazon Web Services Create a Database instance that can be accessible from anywhere with proper credential.

             Amazon Web Services Provide RDS (Relational DataBase) service in the Database Category.

Essential Factor for accessing such beneficial services require an bank account and Debit card Details :

  • Google Clod Service login require Rs. 1/- (In Indian Currency) to create free tier account
          (Refunds in 2 Days)

  • Amazon Web Service login require Rs. 2/-  (In Indian Currency) to create free tier account
          (Refunds in 2 Days)

 Tip : Both Companies Provide all free tier services for only 12 months.But at anytime you can choose to have premium account .



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