Friday, 15 September 2017

How To Convert Camtasia video file Camrec to Avi/MP4


Convert Camtasia video file Camrec to Avi/MP4

Camtasia is desktop recording software.

the recorded files in the .camrec format could not be played by other players than Camtasia.

Extension .camrec files can be converted to other video files like avi, mp4 etc using in-built Camtasia player. 

Convert Camtasia video file Camrec to Avi/MP4

There are two ways to convert the video as described below in details.

Convert the file using Camtasia:

  • Start & Open Camtasia studio.

  • Click on "Import media." Then,  Select the .camrec file and  convert to AVI/MP4 and click "Open" to import it into the clip board.

  • Drag the file onto the video dashboard

  • Click the "Produce and share" button after you check all necessary stuff you want with your concerted file

  • Select "Custom production settings" option from the drop-down and click "Next." Button

  • Select "AVI-Audio Video Interleave" option from list of formats to convert it

  • Click "Next" button for all the other selections to continue.

  • Provide a example filename into the Production Name box. select location to save the file.

  • Click on "Finish"button . After conversion, the video will play automatically and also saved to your selected location.

  • Click "Finish" button to exit.

Convert the file without using Camtasia:


  • Right click on the .camrec file and move the mouse over "Extract" option.

  • Select option to convert the file into AVI format and conversion will start.

  • It will take some time to convert the file depending on the hardware and file size.

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