Sunday, 10 September 2017

how to use EC2 service in Amazon

What is/How to use EC2 services

                   EC2 ( Elastic Compute Cloud )  is the web-based service that allow users to run application programs on public cloud.
It short it gives us access to cloud computer.
Provide an command line interface ( CMD ) of a chosen operating system with appropriate computing resources.

1. First, Log into your Amazon account with username and password credentials

2. Second, You will See the Amazon management console & Dashboard on the screen

3. Third, Type EC2 ( Elastic compute cloud ) at the address bar of the AWS dashboard

4. Now, launch EC2 instance to create an EC2 instance

5. On first step, Choose an operating system like(Ubuntu, SuSE, windows,...etc)

6. Create an pair key.... afterward download and save the pair key and place it on Desktop or somewhere

7. Create an security group with its default settings

8. Sometimes people like to be more private or sometimes your ISP uses proxy server to connect world wide web, that may cause error connection stated that your connection is being refused by remote machine . In any cases if host is unable to reach the desired domain name/Endpoints, then they should do some minor changes in security group settings...By allowing all traffic for  incoming and outgoing connection...that allows your to connect from anywhere.

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